Reading Right is the only organisation to have established a whole new system of education solely based on news articles. Our three step process is what makes news learning full proof.

  1. With a team of expert researchers our primary focus is to carefully select articles from a wide range of national and international newspapers, so as to pick only that which is most pertinent to readers. In a world full of balderdash it is of utmost importance for an aspirant to invest time effectively in value adding content and we endeavour that.
  2. Thereafter our research faculty builds simple explanations to every news article selected so as to cover all of the following:
    • Context - Each article topic has a setting or backdrop with which it is identified in the industry or economy. Context covers everything a reader needs to know so as to understand the article easily even without having read anything about that topic before.
    • Concept- Every article has a set of terms that we call the key concepts one must know to be able to understand the article. These are explained well for the readers.
    • Concept in context- It might be that Readers know of the terms or words in the article but are unable to make sense of the line or paragraph. Concept in context addresses just that as it ensures that readers can thoroughly understand what each article implies.
  3. Finally our team curates interesting videos to analyse the articles for our readers so as to carve a logical learning paradigm. The analysis is done using our meticulously crafted modules.
    Some of our modules include:
    • Stakeholder Analysis: Every news piece stirs up a segment in society, this module deep dives into learning which segments can stir or are stirred by the particular news piece.
    • Impact Analysis: We believe news reading is incomplete without analysing the impact not just by who but also how. This module is linked to the stakeholder analysis.
    • Structuring: Everything is a mess till you structure it right. A great module for understanding problem solving in organisations.
    • Parallel Drawing: When we create hypothetical scenarios and domino effects!
    • Retention & Reuse: Well, what is really the point of reading so much news when you cannot remember anything or reproduce it in situations that demand it!

Founded in September 2013, the organisation boasts of a research wing that extracts articles from 50+ local, national and international newspapers supported by a gigantic database consisting of periodicals, journals & scholar articles.

Our teaching strategies require coming down to the bare basics be it the language, diction or the underlying concept. We not only try and ensure careful explanation but also an equally cared for allocation of articles. By way of this we guarantee a holistic learning experience, rendering them habituated to good reading, and of course regular news learning. We intend to transform our students from being individuals who shrug away from daily newspapers and fail to understand it into being thorough news readers and learners. We finish what educational institutes in our country start. All in all, if you don't understand news it is no longer your problem, it is now ours!


The classes at Reading Right are designed to provide highly noetic and fast paced learning environs where prompt critical thinking is an absolute necessity! Our pedagogy ensures rigorous in-class practice of modules and thorough understanding of concepts. Not only do our experts elucidate all concepts with immense detail but also simplify them using carefully crafted illustrations! Whoever says newspaper reading is 'boring', 'difficult' or 'Greek' most definitely hasn't experienced our classes! Stay tuned to know about upcoming programs, sessions & workshops in your city! To sign up for our courses, please fill out the form below and we will reach out to you at our earliest!



This includes covering all topics under current affairs, absolutely all; but as a general overview.


This course focuses on a particular area of interest -Business & Economy, Law, Politics, Economics, Sports, etc.


An enhanced version of our ADVANCED course, in this course the news articles are critically analysed and assessed.


The Reading Right app is coming soon with a guarantee that you will henceforth read & analyse news like an expert! "Hate newspapers all you want, 'cause we got this!"